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Let FCCE help you with your next project! Whether you are designing a new Family Child Care Network (aka: Home Based Child Care Network), working to improve your current family child care support system, looking to include family child care in state initiatives such as School District Pre-K, Head Start, or Early Head Start, need information to guide your advocacy efforts, or wondering if all the work you’ve been doing is actually having an impact, we are here to help. We always start with asking questions, usually questions no one has asked before. Then we do a deep dive into the current research, the results of our Balance Report©, and your agencies information, to provide you the feedback and guidance you need to improve services and impact.

Why We Are The Experts:

Co-Founder Patricia Dischler is a life-long adventurer and passionate about making a difference in the lives of children.

Patricia collaborates with teams to support and sustain quality improvements within family child care, including partnerships with state departments, associations, networks, Head Start, Early Head Start, school districts and the military. She is Past President of the National Association for Family Child Care and a former family child care business owner. With a B.S. in Early Childhood Development, Patricia is the author of seven books, presenting engaging and inspiring keynotes and trainings nationwide, leading large coaching projects and has served as member of the Wisconsin Early Learning Advocacy Coalition, earning the Governor’s Award, and was awarded Master Leader by Exchange Magazine.

Co-Founder Donna Fowler, a mother of five, is passionate about ensuring that all children are given the opportunity to succeed.

Donna supports professional development, coaching and implementation for school districts, Head Starts, Early Head Starts, private child care, family child care networks and military.

Donna has served as Director of Public Policy at the Maryland State Family Child Care Association, President of the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC), was appointed to the Governor’s Early Care and Education Advisory Council, serving as Chair, is a former family child care business owner and has written and managed grants to nationally accredit more than 150 child care providers.

With an M.A. in Education from Concordia University and B.A. in Organizational Management from Ashford University, she is committed to understanding how early childhood organizations serve and support educators in an authentic and appropriate manner.

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